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We know that in order to love and enjoy the outdoors we must take responsibility for looking after our planet. Therefore working towards being as responsible as we can is a priority. This page is designated to Dipsea being as transparent as possible with you about our business. We want everyone to "Sea More Life" and "Enjoy The Outdoors" so let's do that responsibly together. 

Dipsea Robe Materials

The materials used to create are ethically sourced from our reputable suppliers. We've also taken into consideration durability, luxury and hand feel. Due to being a new business, our materials could be sourced even more ethically and when our produce numbers grow we commit to doing this. 

Dipsea Packaging

Packaging has been a priority within the Dipsea team. We have made a commitment to start Dipsea how we want to proceed and do all we can for a small business. Therefore we proud to say our packaging is...

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